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  • The Development of Home Appliances Drives the Development of Enameled Wire

    Enameled wire is the main raw material for products such as motors, electrical appliances and household appliances. Especially in recent years, the electric power industry has achieved continuous expansion. The rapid development of household appliances has brought a broader field to the application ...

  • Characteristics of Copper Clad Aluminum Wire

    As the representative product of magnet wire, copper clad aluminum wire adopts bimetallic composite wire which is coated with a copper layer on an aluminum core. Reasonable use of the properties of different metals, so as to achieve the characteristics of reducing production costs and facilitating e...

  • Magnetic Field Generated by Enameled Aluminum Wire

    Enameled Rectangular Aluminum Magnet Wire and Enamelled Rectangular Copper Magnet wire are used as the wire in electromagnets that use electricity to generate a magnetic field. Enameled Rectangular or Flat Aluminium Wire and Enameled Rectangular or Flat Copper Wire /Strip are wrapped in a tight coil...

  • Enameled Aluminum Wire has a High Heat Resistance Temperature

    Enameled aluminum wire is mainly used as an electrical conductor wherever coils are in motion. Because of the low density of aluminum, the coil weight can be reduced to one-third of a similar copper coil. This weight advantage allows for easier and more efficient acceleration of the moving part, res...

  • Transportation and Storage of Enameled Wire

    When it comes to Enameled Wire, many people know it. Today, I will introduce to you one type of enameled wire, that is, copper-clad aluminum wire. Let us briefly look at the transportation and storage of copper-clad aluminum wires. Since it is assumed that many wires are not transported correctly, i...