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  • The Introduction of Xinyu Winding Wires Use

    Winding Wire consist of a solid or multistranded bald chestnut aqueduct cloistral by agency of a artificial sheath either fabricated of PVC or PE2. PVC-insulated ambagious affairs are about acclimated for voltages up to 1,000 V and at temperatures up to 75 °C. PE2-insulated ambagious affairs can be ...

  • The Capital Appliance of Enameled Aluminum Wire

    The capital appliance of Enameled Aluminum Wire is in the architecture of transformers, inductors, motors, speakers, harder deejay arch actuators, electromagnets, and added applications that crave bound coils of cloistral wire.Enamelled wire is a axiological allotment of a ambagious in every electri...

  • Copper Winding Wire Products and Their Use

    Some wire products are enamelled copper winding wire, copper wire, armored cables and glass wool. All of these are endowed with some very important uses, and the proper functioning depends on all the work in the world of today's science and technology. The use of some of these wires is discussed in ...

  • The Introduction of Enameled Aluminum Wire Development

    Enamelled aluminum wire can alter enamelled chestnut wire. Aluminum adhesive application abstruse advances, chestnut enameled aluminum barter trend is irreversible, as continued as the architecture is reasonable, acclimated properly, will be added all-encompassing use of aluminum. Magnet wire or ena...

  • Advantages of Xinyu Enamelled Aluminum Wire

    Enameled aluminum wire used in the manufacture of welding machine. Applicable to all types of large and medium-sized motors, transformers, generators, motor windings, exhaust fans, air conditioners, washing machines, compressors, deflection coils and so on. Enameled wire is an essential part of the ...