The Application of Aluminum Winding Wire Can Reduce The Cost of Electrical Products

Summary:Aluminum, as a winding wire core, was once popular in China in the 1960s. All winding wire factories...

Aluminum, as a winding wire core, was once popular in China in the 1960s. All winding wire factories in the country produce enameled aluminum wires. However, due to the defects of aluminum conductors such as high resistivity, low tensile strength, large processing difficulty and welding difficulty, and the small gap between copper price and aluminum price at that time, Aluminum Winding Wire conductors gradually withdrew from the historical stage and almost no manufacturers produced them in China.

In recent years, due to a large increase in the copper price, aluminum wire has the advantages of small proportion, low price, rich resources, and the needs of special occasions, aluminum as the conductor of winding wire have been developed. The characteristic parameters of aluminum as the conductor to copper ratio of winding wire are listed in Table 23. The tensile strength of copper wire is more than twice that of aluminum wire.

In order to improve the high full coil ratio of enameling process and overcome the characteristics of aluminum being lighter than copper, high linear expansion coefficient and low tensile strength, the traditional enameling machine is used to produce aluminum winding wires. The lead tension is extremely difficult to control, resulting in easy wire sticking, wire breakage, full coil ratio and very low full coil ratio (especially for fine aluminum winding wires). Therefore, the key parts of the traditional enameling equipment must be reformed to greatly reduce the probability of wire sticking and disconnection.

Because aluminum resources are much more abundant than copper resources and the price is lower, the application of aluminum winding wires can greatly reduce the cost of electrical products. In addition, the proportion of aluminum is about 1/3 lighter than that of copper, and aluminum winding wires can reduce the weight of electrical products and reduce freight and damage during transportation. For winding wire manufacturers, aluminum winding wires can greatly reduce the occupation of working capital and reduce financial expenditure. The production of aluminum winding wire has high technical content and high added value of output, which can create better economic benefits.