The Application of Copper Enameled Wire Is Very Extensive

Summary:     At present, the application of copper enameled wire is very extensive, especially in the field ...


  At present, the application of copper enameled wire is very extensive, especially in the field of audio, high frequency, video wire, and some engineering machinery wire and cable are widely used. In combination with the current situation, Enameled Copper Clad Aluminum Wire or busbar can be used in the power and electrical industry, such as busbars; can be used as audio, high-frequency, video cables, such as CATV wires and shielded wires; can be used as various motor, rectifier winding wires , transformer winding wire; can be used as engineering wire and cable wire; can be used as conductor for power cable and so on.

  It can be seen that strict control of the main materials of cable production through new technologies and new processes is not only beneficial to cable manufacturers, but also beneficial to cable purchasers, and is also beneficial to the healthy development of the entire cable industry. However, the focus still needs to be on the quality and performance of the copper enameled wire. If the two requirements can be met, the cable manufacturer can naturally obtain a rich profit return, and the cable purchaser also saves the procurement cost, and the cable industry. It is even more open to a new development path.

  The reason for the unqualified conductor size is that the semi-finished conductor has hidden defects or uneven specifications. It is mainly the tension of the thread during the painting process, the tension of each part of the felt is improperly adjusted, or the rotation of the pay-off wire and the guide wheel is not flexible. Pull down. The unqualified size of the film insulation is mainly due to the improper adjustment of the felt tightness, or the improper matching of the mold and the mold is not installed. In addition, variations in process speed, viscosity of the paint, solids content, etc., also affect the film thickness.