The Development of Copper Enameled Wire in China Worth Expecting

Summary:At present, the growth in demand for copper enameled wire market is driven by the combination of fou...

At present, the growth in demand for copper enameled wire market is driven by the combination of four major factors: traditional mechanical and electrical industry, emerging industry dominated by household appliances, high-tech industry dominated by electronic information, and economic globalization. This has driven the demand for copper enameled wire market to rise one after another and pushed the copper enameled wire industry to continue to develop at a high speed.

With the transfer of the world manufacturing center and the formation of China as the world manufacturing center, the global copper enameled wire market has also begun to gradually transfer to China. At the same time, thanks to the combined impetus of technological progress industries such as machinery and electronics, household appliances, high-tech industries with electronic information as the main body and economic globalization, China's copper enameled wire industry has maintained a high-speed development. The output of copper enameled wire has surpassed that of countries such as the United States and Japan, becoming the world's largest producer and consumer.

China's copper enameled wire industry has formed scale advantages in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Bohai Rim region through technology introduction, digestion and absorption and independent research and development. The formation of copper product processing bases has produced a regional agglomeration effect of industrialization. The prosperous "plate economy" provides a good market environment for independent innovation and industrial upgrading of enameled wire industry in Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions.

With the upgrading of technology and the diversification trend of user demand, the special enameled wire market has developed rapidly on the basis of maintaining the steady growth of ordinary enameled wires. In recent years, the promotion of efficient motors has driven the rapid development of corona-resistant enameled wires and other special enameled wires. Technological progress in the electronics industry has promoted the development of polyurethane enameled wires. The rise of refrigerator and air conditioner compressor industry has driven the development of 200-grade refrigerant resistant composite enameled wire. The enameled wire industry is gradually optimizing and upgrading its product structure to meet the market demand for high-quality special products.

Energy conservation and environmental protection are the development direction of the entire manufacturing industry. Energy conservation and environmental protection technologies are continuously applied to the application fields of copper enameled wires such as motors and household appliances. As the key materials of motors and household appliances, copper enameled wires not only need to meet the requirements of general characteristics and processing technology, but also need to meet the requirements of new environmental protection and energy conservation technologies on the chemical stability and insulation characteristics of copper enameled wires to realize efficient and stable operation of the system.

In recent years, the development of nanotechnology has created conditions for the improvement and enhancement of copper enameled wires for frequency conversion motors. The development of homogeneous, transparent and better coatable paints is not only beneficial to the production of wires, but also can make the performance of copper enameled wires better and may produce new characteristics, thus expanding the application range of copper enameled wires.

Facing the advanced technology from abroad, many Chinese enterprises have started up one after another, relying on foreign experience and applying imported paint, they have developed enameled wires for high-frequency motors. Enameled wires for variable frequency motors have made great progress through several years of efforts. However, due to factors such as price and application scope, it is still in the research and development stage. The development of copper enameled wire has yet to be promoted by the expansion of its application field.