The Functions of the Enameled Wire Are Related to the Paint Film

Summary:     In addition to scale, electrical resistance and resilience, the other functions of the enameled...


  In addition to scale, electrical resistance and resilience, the other functions of the enameled wire are related to the paint film. Thus, in the case of an appropriate and stable enamelled process, enamelled wire lacquer is a key factor affecting the function of the enameled wire. In order to make the enameled wire function stable, the quality of the enamelled wire lacquer must be stable and have a certain process margin.

  In foreign countries, in order to better control the curing process of the paint and the quality of the enamelled wire and the enameled wire, the enameled wire manufacturer often requires the paint manufacturer to supply the infrared spectrum, gas chromatography and gel chromatography of the enameled wire to recognize the wire coating composition. Stability. When quality problems occur in the production of Enameled Copper Clad Aluminum Wire, these materials also help the enameled wire production plant to analyze the problem, find out the cause of the problem more quickly, and find a solution to the problem. At present, China's enameled wire production plants do not generally require paint manufacturers to supply such information. We believe that more and more enameled wire production plants will make this request to the paint factory in the future.

  It is suitable for occasions with high operating frequency, skin effect of single-strand wire and excessive loss of nearby effects. The use of enamelled copper strands can reduce the operating temperature, and the enamelled strands have higher mechanical flexibility than single strands of the same cross-sectional area. Widely used in lines with high values.