The Handling of Tension of Enameled Wire Is Very Important

Summary:     The process is completed through the necessary mold and equipment cooperation. The focus of thi...


  The process is completed through the necessary mold and equipment cooperation. The focus of this link is the quality control of the coil end. If the mold design or the production is unreasonable, it is very simple to cause the bending deformation of the coil to be severely deformed, resulting in partial insulation damage of the electromagnetic wire. The most direct result of this problem is the problem of coils.

  Insulation wrapping is the most cumbersome part of coil making and the most difficult part to control. The number of layers of motor wrapping with different extra voltages is different. The selected material is mica tape. The most difficult to control is the fit of mica tape lamination. The straight line side of the coil is generally a fully active machine package method, which simply ensures that the overlapping shares of the stack are common. Some factories also have manual wrapping conditions, often resulting in overlapping shares that are not common due to human factors, or thick or thin problems. The insulated thick coil can not enter the slot, and the insulation is thin and the withstand voltage is not up to the requirement.

  The handling of tension during the coil wrapping process of Enameled Wire is very important. This is mainly reflected in the process of dressing the end of the coil. If the loosening of the dressing will result in an air gap between the insulation, it is a great quality hazard. Participated in the viewing scene and saw that the mica used by the operator had a significant phenomenon of falling powder. In the process of coil processing, this phenomenon of powder falling is very bad. The primary component of high pressure and corona resistance in mica tape is mica. The share of mica is reduced, and the direct result is that the coil is unqualified.