The Heat resistance of Enameled Wire Inspection Is An Important Index

Summary:Enameled Wire is a key material in the motor, electrical appliance, instrument and telecommunication...

Enameled Wire is a key material in the motor, electrical appliance, instrument and telecommunication industries. The performance of enameled wire shall meet the design requirements, processing requirements and operation requirements of electrical products. The unit using enameled wire requires that the quality of enameled wire can be guaranteed by a serious system and scientific means.

When the enameled wire winds the coil, there are mechanical forces acting on the enameled wire during the embedding process of the motor coil and during the operation of electrical products, such as tensile force, friction force and bending moment during winding. There is friction in the embedding process. There is interturn friction caused by vibration during operation. If the core wire or paint film of the enameled wire cannot meet the requirements, the above-mentioned mechanical forces will bring different degrees of damage to the enameled wire. If the wire is not sufficiently toughened, the elongation is too small, and the thin wire may be broken during winding. Excessive toughening, excessive elongation, easy to fine cross section, resulting in increased resistance. When the paint film is baked too old, the elasticity of the enameled wire paint film decreases, causing the paint film to crack and lose insulation performance under the action of bending moment during winding. If baking is not enough, it is easy to scratch the paint film during embedding, resulting in short circuit of motor winding. Therefore, it is very necessary to establish various mechanical performance tests on the basis of simulating the use requirements.

The heat resistance of enameled wire is an important index, especially for motors and components or windings with temperature rise requirements. It directly affects the design and use of electrical equipment. The temperature rise of electrical equipment is limited by enameled wires and other insulating materials used. If enameled wires with high heat resistance and matching materials can be used, greater power can be obtained under the condition of unchanged structure, or the external size can be reduced, the weight can be reduced, and the consumption of nonferrous metals and other materials can be reduced under the condition of keeping the power unchanged.