The Paint Stripping Method for Enameled Wire II

Summary:     Stripping of aluminum enameled wire. Let's talk about the centrifugal knives. This is said to b...


  Stripping of aluminum enameled wire. Let's talk about the centrifugal knives. This is said to be the first paint stripping equipment introduced in Germany. It is a three-speed high-speed rotating tool that directly peels off the aluminum enamel-coated paint. . This stripping method, like hand-painting, is only suitable for stripping of large lines. As we all know, the physical properties of aluminum, soft and tough, is only half of that of copper. When using a centrifugal knife, it is easily twisted into a rope. It is directly twisted. If you use an aluminum enameled wire with a diameter of 1.5. Below MM, the centrifugal knife is not suitable for you. Even if it is not directly broken, it will be twisted. If you use a smaller diameter aluminum enameled wire, basically do not consider this off.

  The another type is the grinding wheel of Aluminum Magnet Wire. Whether you use a wire wheel or a fiber wheel, the temperature of the aluminum wire will rise rapidly with high-speed friction during the process of grinding the aluminum enamel wire. With the high-speed flowing air flow, the surface of the aluminum wire is quickly oxidized and is difficult to handle after being oxidized. In addition, due to the different materials of the grinding wheel, in general, the aluminum enamel wire of the wire wheel is yellowed, and the aluminum enamel wire of the fiber wheel is grayed or blackened, in any case, the color of the aluminum wire of the wire wheel or the fiber wheel. It is not the silver white of aluminum itself. The thick wire is oxidized to a small extent after grinding by the grinding wheel. It can also see silver white, the effect of fine wire is much worse, and the thin wire is easily broken, and it will become brittle after grinding. So, if your company's current line is thicker, you can use this method. If it is a thin line, this method is not suitable.