There Will Be More Applications of Aluminum Winding Wire in The Future

Summary:Aluminum Winding Wire is a kind of winding wire that is used more and more at present, which is inse...

Aluminum Winding Wire is a kind of winding wire that is used more and more at present, which is inseparable from its own performance characteristics. Aluminum winding wire not only retains some advantages of copper winding wire but also has more advantages in weight and cost. Therefore, it is favoured by many users, and with the continuous progress of aluminum winding wires in the future, there will be more applications in the future.

Specifically, the aluminum winding wire has high heat-resistant temperature, good thermal shock and softening breakdown performance, is suitable for high-speed automatic winding, and also has the characteristics of high breakdown voltage, no pinholes, direct weldability, high-frequency resistance, small dielectric loss angle and the like, has good wear resistance, and in addition, the pulsing life of the aluminum winding wire can reach tens of times of that of common composite winding wires.

Compared with copper winding wires, aluminum winding wire have about 20℃ higher heat resistance than copper winding wire. However, when the copper conductor is changed into aluminum conductor, only the conductor diameter needs to be enlarged by 14.7%, and other performance parameters are unchanged. If there is a ton of copper winding wire originally, only 0.4 ton is needed to change it to aluminum winding wire, which is about 40% of the weight of copper, and the cost is only over 20% of that of copper winding wire.