Understand the Common Repair Methods of Aluminum Magnet Wire

Summary:When using cable equipment, we often encounter damage, which brings us a lot of trouble and affects ...

When using cable equipment, we often encounter damage, which brings us a lot of trouble and affects our production efficiency. When these cables are damaged, especially products such as Aluminum Magnet Wire, how should we repair them? In fact, there are many repair methods, the key depends on the effect of repair. Next, let's take a look at the common repair methods of these aluminum magnet wire, hoping to bring some help to everyone's use.

The common repair method for copper-clad aluminum is to adopt welding torch thermal repair method. This method is simple, convenient and practical, and the effect is also acceptable. However, if the repaired place is used for a long time, insulation will shrink, underground cables will not be able to resist moisture and water, and the shrinking part of overhead power cables will extend more and more.

Another method is to wrap the cable quickly through heat treatment or cold treatment, so as to achieve the ideal effect consistent with the original cable. However, this copper-clad aluminum material for repairing power cables is more expensive than ordinary repair methods, but the effect is very good. Especially in the cable laying, cable damage to repair methods.

Copper-clad aluminum cable repair methods are probably these two methods. Of course, there are also temporary insulation tapes on site that can be maintained, but it is only a temporary emergency measure.

Now I believe everyone should know the method of repairing aluminum magnet wire. As more and more places around us need to use these aluminum magnet wire over the past few years, the quality requirements for these aluminum magnet wire have become higher. However, it is inevitable that various problems will occur in our normal use. This also has certain requirements for our normal maintenance work, creating a good use environment, and will have a great impact on the service life of our aluminum magnet wire.