Xinyu Enameled Wire Tells You How to Choose Household Wire

Summary:     Wires are an important part of the circuit transformation. The domestic wires on the market are...


  Wires are an important part of the circuit transformation. The domestic wires on the market are mainly divided into copper wire and aluminum wire. Many decoration whites are more entangled in order to use electricity safety for the family. Which one should be better?

  1. Load power: copper wire and aluminum wire with the same cross-sectional area. The load power of the copper wire is greater than that of the aluminum wire. For example, if both are 2.5 square lines, then assuming that the aluminum wire can carry 2,500 watts, the copper wire can load 3,000 watts.

  2. Flexibility: copper wire is more flexible, easy to twist, anti-fatigue. The aluminum wire is relatively simple to break when it is tortuous.

  3. Stability: Aluminum Winding Wire is very simple oxidation, so that the resistance becomes larger, the wire load is reduced, and simple safety problems occur. However, the stability of the copper core is excellent.

  4. Resistivity: The resistivity of the copper wire is small, which is lower than 1.68 times of the resistivity of the aluminum wire, resulting in a relatively large power consumption of the aluminum wire, and the heat is relatively serious, which affects the utilization rate of electricity.

  5. Price: The price of aluminum wire is much cheaper than that of copper wire. The price of copper wire is generally 3.5 times that of aluminum wire, and copper wire is heavier than aluminum wire.

  Xinyu, as a professional enameled wire manufacture, we can give you some recommendation. When choosing a household wire, you must use copper wire and avoid using aluminum wire. The aluminum wire has poor electrical conductivity, and the wire is simply heated when used, which may cause loose joints and even fire. In addition, it should be noted during the construction that it is not possible to bury the wires directly on the wall, but should use regular casing installation to avoid leakage and fire.