Xinyu Enameled Wire Tells You More About Wires

Summary:     Established in 2002, as a professional enameled wire producer, Xinyu enameled wire is an integr...


  Established in 2002, as a professional enameled wire producer, Xinyu enameled wire is an integrated industrial and trade enterprise specialized in enameled wire with UL certification. The copper clad aluminum wire is a wire mainly composed of an aluminum core wire and plated with a certain proportion of copper layer on the outside, and can be used as a conductor for a coaxial cable and a wire and cable conductor in an electrical device. Because the main function of this type of wire is to transmit a signal, the current flowing through it is small. In particular, the high-frequency signal transmission is completely in the outer layer of the wire, so the copper-clad aluminum wire can replace the copper wire of the same specification.

  Compared with pure copper wire, Copper Clad Aluminum Winding Wire has significant advantages: first, light weight, easy to transport and installation, and can reduce labor costs; second, there are significant economic benefits, together, because of pure copper coating and the separation of the aluminum core wire is simply impossible, and it can also receive the rated anti-theft effect.

  However, because of the inherent prejudice of copper-clad aluminum wire, there are defects that are more corrosive than copper wire, which restricts its development and implementation. How to avoid the corrosion of copper clad aluminum wire has become the key to its application.

  Copper and aluminum in copper-clad aluminum wire are two kinds of metals with different electrode potentials. When copper and aluminum are exposed to the atmosphere on the end face, if the humidity in the atmosphere is large, the end face will adsorb water molecules in the air and accumulate. The fine water droplets, which combine with the sulfur dioxide (SO2) in the air, form a corrosive solution of sulfuric acid (H2SO4). As a result, an etched battery consisting of an anode, a cathode, an electrolyte solution and an electronic circuit is produced. The corroded battery is a short-circuit galvanic cell that causes damage to the metal material without exerting useful work to the outside. In this etched battery, since the electrode potential of aluminum is low, it is corroded.