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Summary:     Annealing is to make the conductor changed due to the lattice changes in the drawing process of...


  Annealing is to make the conductor changed due to the lattice changes in the drawing process of the mold, make the wire hardened at a certain temperature, and the molecular lattice rearrangement after the restoration process is required to be soft. At the same time, lubricant and grease in the stretching process are removed from the surface of the conductor, making the wire easy to paint and ensuring the quality of enameled wire. The most important thing is to ensure that enameled wire has proper flexibility and elongation during the use of windings and also helps to improve electrical conductivity.

  As the application of enamelled wire becomes more and more extensive and strict, composite enameled wire has been developed. Its inner and outer coating is composed of different polymer materials, such as polyester imide/polyamide imide enamels.

  After the product is manufactured, whether its appearance, size and performance meet the technical standards of the product and the requirements of the user's technical agreement must be judged by inspection. After measurement, test, and product technical standards or user technical agreement comparison, the requirements are qualified, otherwise, is not qualified. Through the inspection, can reflect the stability of enamelled wire product quality and the rationality of material technology, therefore, the quality inspection has the function of checking, preventing and distinguishing. Inspection of enamelled wire includes inspection and measurement of appearance, dimension and performance. Performance includes mechanical, chemical, thermal and electrical properties. Now we mainly explain the appearance and size.

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