Xinyu Will Make Technology Development in Enameled Wire Industry

Summary:     China's copper resources are problematic and have scarce resources. The recoverable reserves ar...


  China's copper resources are problematic and have scarce resources. The recoverable reserves are about 30 million tons, accounting for only 4.5% of the world. In 2015, China's copper consumption exceeded 11.5 million tons, accounting for more than 40% of the world. In addition, since 2010, China's copper The dependence on resource imports is as high as 75%.

  Therefore, the development of copper-aluminum composite materials will help reduce costs and increase efficiency, and promote the healthy development of the industry to promote aluminum-clad copper. First, instead of pure copper flat platoons, China's annual demand for flat platoons is about 1 million tons, including 400,000 tons in the power industry, 400,000 tons in the construction sector, and 200,000 tons in the fields of metallurgy, chemicals, transportation, and manufacturing.

  More than 90% can be replaced by copper-clad aluminum composite flat row. In addition, in the high-tech field, the demand for cost reduction and weight reduction is also extremely strong. The copper-clad aluminum composite flat row is used in new energy (wind power, photovoltaic) and other fields, which helps to reduce costs and enhance the competitiveness of strategic emerging industries; It is used in modern transportation fields such as high-speed rail and large airplanes, which is conducive to weight reduction and energy consumption.

  Take Airbus A380 passenger aircraft as an example. Each frame uses 1 ton of copper-clad aluminum composite flat row, which can reduce weight by 1.2 tons, and the effect is remarkable; It is an alternative to pure copper flat wire. China's cable and electromagnetic flat wire are currently used at an annual consumption of about 3.5 million tons, and the replacement capacity is about 1 million tons. If copper-clad aluminum is used instead of pure copper, it will greatly reduce the winding, wiring and transportation weight. Moreover, large-size cables, large-scale power transformers, and special transformer winding wires can be replaced by copper-clad aluminum. Xinyu as an expert enameled wire manufacturer in China, we must take the responsibility and make technology development in Enameled Wire industry.