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Heat Resistance of Enamelled Wire


Enamelled wire heat resistance is an important indicato […]

Enamelled wire heat resistance is an important indicator, especially for the motor and temperature rise of the components or windings have a great significance. It directly affects the design and use of electrical equipment. The temperature rise of electrical equipment is limited by the enamelled wire and other insulating materials used. If you can use the high heat resistance enamelled wire and matching materials, you can under the same conditions to obtain greater power under the same conditions, or to maintain the same power to achieve reduced size, reduce weight, reduce the color Metals and other materials consumption.

Hot life assessment method to determine the thermal properties of enamelled wire take six months to a year's time. Aging tests lack practical analogy, but controlling the paint quality and the degree of baking of the paint film in the production process is still of practical significance.

Factors affecting the aging performance: the whole process from the lacquer to the enamelled wire baking filming, to the aging degradation of the paint film is the process of polymer growth and cracking decay. In the paint is generally the synthesis of the first polymer, enamel cross-linked into a polymer, at the same time produce thermal decomposition reaction, aging is the continuation of the baking. Due to the crosslinking and cleavage reaction, resulting in the decline of polymer performance.

The rate of thermal aging and the presence of oxygen are related to the type of conductor. The presence of oxygen can cause the cracking of the polymer chain to accelerate the rate of thermal aging. Copper ions can migrate into the paint film, become organic copper salt, the catalytic role of aging.