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How to Avoid Overheating of Aluminum Winding Wire


If the Aluminum Winding Wire is in a high-temperature s […]

If the Aluminum Winding Wire is in a high-temperature state for a long time, it will be quite disadvantageous to the equipment and will burn down. If it is serious, it will also cause safety accidents. For this, people need to pay more attention, actively prevent and prevent accidents.

If the aluminum winding wire is overheated, it is very likely that it is caused by the failure to open the forming switch of the protection circuit in time and to automatically lose power. If the whole time lasts for a long time, it will cause bad influence, which needs to be solved in time.

1. In order to avoid overheating of the aluminum winding wire, it is necessary to repair the multi-hydraulic check valve, grind the inner wall again, and replace the aged parts in time, so as to ensure the working sensitivity.

2. The electromagnetic starting valve needs to be reformed. The main method is to take out the internal spring, which can provide gravity by the gravity of the valve core. This not only effectively reduces the water pressure on the aluminum winding wire but also can prolong the service life of the sealing part.

People must actively avoid overheating of aluminum winding wires, or serious consequences will result.