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How to Choose the Right Enameled Wire Manufacturer


Even though we often see a variety of copper-clad Ename […]

Even though we often see a variety of copper-clad Enameled Aluminum Wire in our lives, but many people still don't understand how the copper-clad aluminum enameled wire should cater to the market changes. Here I will introduce you to the copper-clad aluminum enameled wire that everyone chose. The enameled wire should be inspected, for example, if there is a product that promises to be processed on the right track.

In addition, we can also ask if there is a three-package in the goods here. When the processing factory likes to provide these to the people, it will prove that everyone has purchased the products processed by the manufacturer. Time is a good guarantee, so such a copper-clad aluminum enameled wire processing plant is the right choice.

The relationship between the enameled wire and the welding machine is not ordinary. In the working process, the enameled wire welding machine can generate the flame for the welding operation only by using water and electricity, and does not need an additional gas cylinder, so the operation is convenient. Compared with traditional enameled wire soldering, no need to paint, and because of the high flame temperature, the excess lead can be directly burned off to keep the fusion part flat.

The enameled wire welding machine only needs to use a small amount of water and electricity, and its cost can be saved by more than 40% compared with the gas cylinder. At the same time, the flame temperature of the enameled wire welding machine can reach 2800 degrees, which is far higher than other gas temperatures and the flame is fine, which can facilitate accurate and efficient operation.