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How to Distinguish Good and Bad Enameled Wires I


     1) Copper: High-quality cable uses high-purity oxy […]


  1) Copper: High-quality cable uses high-purity oxygen-free copper, copper core color is bright, and poor copper wire is dim.

  2) The plastic: The plastic uses high-quality virgin plastic, and the bending function is good. The bending of the cable will not occur, and the poorly recovered plastic will show significant lines after bending for a few times.

  3) Enough diameter: Copper is a precious metal. If you lose a little in the diameter of the copper, you can cut a lot of material costs. In this case, you need to use a micrometer to measure the diameter of the Copper Winding Wire. If you don't have a micrometer, the simpler way is to take a full coil of wire and see if it is much lighter than a good cable. It may be possible to refer to the nominal component given by the factory. Some factories give a low nominal weight, which naturally does not guarantee product quality.

  4) Enough meters: It may become more difficult to detect the number of meters on the meter. Since the customer generally does not practice the equipment for measuring the meter number, the same weight measurement method can be used to know whether the cable is full. It may be a good idea to print the meter at the time of production, but be aware that there is no way to print the meter with a diameter less than 5mm.

  5) Excipients: In order to ensure the rounding of the cable, the multi-core cable will be filled with filler in the core, and the thickness of the sheath will be thicker. If the cable is not rounded, the filler is added. Rarely, and the sheath is thin.