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How to Measure Enameled Copper Wire


Enameled copper wire needs a very detailed requirements […]

Enameled copper wire needs a very detailed requirements at the time of production. On-line measurement when product enameled wire can effectively control the quality of the product. But we all know, the speed of the production of enameled wire is very high. The measuring tool is no way to measure exposure to accurate data, and this would be very likely to cause the line disconnected. So how to find a good measurement ?

Accurately measuring diameter of enameled copper wire ? Not the first time you have met this problem.

Say nominally about 0.05mm. With a micrometer, how much are you compressing it? could easily be out by 20 percent out and squaring that if using weight to length via density or resistance calculation via resistivity, is very iffy.

If access to a microgram resolution of weighing scales then a few metres of the wire and density of copper and allowance for enamelling , but no highly accurate weighing machine. Optically comparing under a microscope needs known diameter standards.

How about a longish length , folded 6 times until 64 wires. Maybe longer/more bulk. Hand twist together until it will not sensibly tighten any more. Take average diameter, use packing factor allowance, and infer for 1 wire diameter, how better accuracy might that be.?

If I start from known good coil of say 46swg enamelled wire and do this 64 wire trick , to work backwards, how accurate/reliable would the manufacture sizing be.

With the development of science and technology, the new measuring tool--laser measuring instrument has produced. The data of enameled copper wire can be measured by laser. Laser get accurate data front line by induction without touching, can get accurate data. It is convenient and quick.

We can do real-time production monitoring and process monitoring through the laser measuring instrument. If it found abnormalities, there will be automatically alarm. This equipment can also be compensated by adding real-time feedback. it also can correct in real-time for enameled copper wire, trying to achieve zero scrap. So the laser measuring instrument have good promotion for the development of enameled copper wire production and the enterprise.