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How to Solve The Situation of Varnish Wire Vibration


Varnish Wire are selected according to their different […]

Varnish Wire are selected according to their different requirements. How should we solve the vibration problem of varnish wires?

1. The direct current motor repairer checks the tightness of the screw cap, ties the screw cap diagonally or without sliding or excessive screw holes. If it sweeps the bore, reseal the cap and adjust the concentricity. If you cannot restore the screw cap to its original state, replace it.

2. Release the load (belt, gear, etc.) and test the power supply to determine whether it is caused by the unbalanced load. If so, adjust the load in the longitudinal direction parallel to the DC motor shaft so as to.

3. Replace the end cap bearing. If the bearing is in good condition, the gap between the motor maintenance check bearing and the cover is normal. If the gap is too large, it cannot be repaired or replaced.

4. Check the stator winding resistance and insulation and restore them.

5. Judge whether the voltage is balanced, tighten the anchor bolts, inspect looseness and conduct power test.