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Influence of Aluminum Magnet Wire on Quality of Motor Products


The quality of Aluminum Magnet Wire in motor products i […]

The quality of Aluminum Magnet Wire in motor products is the key factor that determines the quality of motor products. And in order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, we must have high-performance aluminum magnet wire materials to improve the working environment adaptability and service life of the equipment.

Usually, the main parts that need insulation coating in a motor component are the rotor and stator and the magnetic wire wound on the rotor. In addition, enameled wires were generally used for aluminum magnet wire in the past.

In other words, the surface of the coating line is used for insulation. Usually, solvent-based coatings have a great impact on the environment and cause a serious waste of resources and environmental pollution.

However, with the increasing demand for environmental protection, people are constantly looking for alternative painting methods. Powder coatings play an increasingly important role in insulating materials for electronic motors. Products are widely used in various fields such as motor electronics, high voltage electrical appliances and automobile industry, as well as aviation machinery.

However, the insulation powder coating is still in the initial stage in the field of aluminum magnet wire coating, and its product variety is few and its overall performance is far from solvent-based coating represented by polyimide. Therefore, it restricts the promotion and application of insulation powder coating in this field to a great extent.