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Insulation and Features of Polyamide Imide Enameled Copper Wire

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Polyamide imide enameled copper wire

Temperature rating: 220 degrees

Insulation Description: Polyamide imide enameled copper wire has excellent temperature, mechanical and chemical resistance and is designed to withstand harsh environments.


(a) Good chemical resistance, compatible with most solvents and impregnated varnish.

(b) Excellent wear resistance for use in the strict winding forming process.

(c) Excellent adhesion and heat resistance.

Applications: Automotive coils, hand tool motors, motors, dry transformers, high load motors, etc.

Nylon hot melt enameled copper wire

Temperature rating: 105 degrees

Insulation Description: Nylon hot melt enameled copper wire is made of nylon series hot melt polyamide resin. It is designed to melt under the fixed temperature, so that the coil is blown to protect the coil from overheating and burning.


With overload fire protection function, when the operating temperature surges to about 200 degrees, the film will melt automatically, and the copper wire will be blown by the surge of current in the circuit. The transformer with NFW winding will avoid burning and igniting.

Applications: Transformers for household appliances, etc.

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