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Introduction of Enameled Copper Wire (from Xinyu-enameledwire)


Xinyu Enameled Wire (Magnet_wire), one high purity and […]

Xinyu Enameled Wire (Magnet_wire), one high purity and conductivity metal conductor (copper, aluminum or alloy) coated with one or more layers of well-cured insulation films, uses in many different electrical and electronic products.

The main application of the enamelled wire is the coils for the industries covering the electronic components, electrical motors, heavy-duty electrical products (transformers, generators), home appliances (air-conditioner, refrigerator), motorcycles, vehicles and 3C markets (computers, mobile phones…etc).

Performance features of Enameled Copper Wire:
1) High heat resistance
2) Able to bear refrigerant
3) Able to bear corona performance
4) Able to bear solvents
5) Excellent mechanical properties
6) Stable performance

Advantage of enameled copper wire:
♦ Square wire are available
♦ Varieties of wires, stable quality
♦ Timely, continuous after-sales service
♦ Professional tech and sales work team
♦ Safe and variety packing terms are available
♦ Double or three type insulation covered wires are available
♦ NEMA/IEC/JIS/GB and any local standards base on requirements

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