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Market Trends of Medium and Small Sizes Enamelled Wire


Medium and small size and ultra fine enamelled wire wil […]

Medium and small size and ultra fine enamelled wire will become the mainstream in the market in the future. According to preliminary statistical analysis, at present, the total domestic market demand for small and medium size enamelled wire is about 300,000 tons per year, accounting for 45% of the total demand. The future demand will continue to grow, becoming the mainstream in the market in the future.

The main application areas are small appliances, automotive motors, power tools, communications, electronic information and micro-motor industries. With the increase of product categories in these industries, the continue upgrading of products, many types of electronic components have higher requirements on the varieties and quality of enamelled wire used.

In addition to furtherimprove on four major performance indicators of common used enamelled wire, but also added many special features to meet specific functional requirements, or to improve applicability and reduce enamelled wire production cost. Such as: thinning, lightweight, high self-adhesive, tension characteristics, consistency of winding parameters, high frequency and high pressure characteristics, high Q value characteristics, thermal fusibility, heat resistance, refrigerant resistance, shaped, non-magnetic, high conductivity and so on.

The development of enamelled wire technology also put forward higher requirements on production process management, such as production technology, production equipment, personnel quality, production environment, testing methods and materials applications.

Medium and small size enamelled wire market capacity is very large, the market is very wide, almost covered a special variety of all industries and electrical and electronic control systems, the main application areas are small appliances, automobiles, power tools, telecommunications, electronic information and micro-motor industries .

At present, most companies pay special attention to the special enamelled wire market, the contradiction between supply and demand is very prominent, market competition intensified. However, in some varieties of dimensions, domestic products still can not meet its usage requirements. how to seize the opportunity to correctly position, grasp the market and obtain benefit? All enterprises have to face and choice in the fierce market competition.