• Market Demand of Xinyu Enameled Wire Factory

    Most magnet wire types on the market are of enameled wire. Enameled wire’s market to a certain extent represents the magnet wire market trends. Then how much does enameled wire play the role and impact in our market ? In fact, in our lives, whether in industrial production or everyday electrical, ma...

  • Correct Operation Method of China Enameled Wire

    The quality of China enameled wire depends although to a large extent depends on the objective circumstances paint, wire and other raw materials and machinery and equipment quality. It should do many thing that can produce high-quality enameled wire. It should take care of baking, annealing, speed a...

  • Xinyu is China Enameled Copper Wire Factory

    Ordinary China enameled copper wire temperature level is 130. However, the modified polyester enameled copper wire’s temperature level can be reached 155. The product has high mechanical strength , good flexibility, adhesion, electrical properties and solvent resistance. But class f enameled copper ...

  • Features of Square Enameled Aluminum Wire

    1. Our Square Enameled Aluminum Wire consists of conductor and insulation layer. Bare aluminum wire softens by the fire, and then paint and toast many times. 2. Enameled aluminum wire’s flame-retardant level is B, so it has good better shielding effectiveness and high mechanical property. 3. The big...

  • Try Bending Test of Enameled Wire

    Once the enameled wire has undergone a bending test, it can change considerably, creating stress in the enamel layer. When measured on a wet enameled wire, even a slight bend in the enameled wire can result in a considerable reduction in insulation resistance. If the enameled wire bends quickly, or ...