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Passed UL Enameled Aluminum Round Wire


Round Enameled aluminum wire is a type of winding wire […]

Round Enameled aluminum wire is a type of winding wire made by electric round aluminum rod which drawn by dies with special size, then over coated with enamel repetitiously

Advantages of Enameled Aluminum Round Wire:

1. Compared with copper enameled wire, enameled aluminum wire is easier to winding, also there is a solid oxide film on surface of enameled aluminum wire, which make it has good insulating effect, long life

2. Due to good insulating effect of aluminum film layer, it is heat-resistant temperature can be 20 degrees higher than the copper wire

3. Greatest benefit of using aluminum is that it is 1/3 lighter than copper which significantly lower production costs, second it can attach to solids easily and third it can also reduce freight and transportation during the operation

Applications of Enameled Aluminum Round Wire:

. Microwave transformers

. Requirements for production of lightweight, relatively high conductivity, heat-resistance and good windings, especially transmission of high frequency signal windings

. Magnet wires used in high-frequency voltage devices, common transformer, inductance coils, electro motors, household electrical and micro-motors

. Enameled wire used in small-motor rotor winding

. Magnet wires used in monitor deflection coil

. Magnet wires used in degaussing coil

. Other special magnet wire

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