Performance Characteristics of Enameled Wire

Summary:Enameled wire requires a uniform, smooth paint film and complete coverage (small number of pinholes)...

Enameled wire requires a uniform, smooth paint film and complete coverage (small number of pinholes). The diameter of the wire and the thickness of the paint film should comply with national standards. The performance of the enameled wire is determined by the paint film, and generally includes the following items:

(1) Mechanical properties. The paint film should be scratch-resistant, elastic and with appropriate softness and elongation to ensure that the paint film can withstand friction, bending, stretching and compression during the winding, embedding, stretching, and shaping processes. Do not cause damage.

(2) Electrical performance. The main reason is that the breakdown voltage of the paint film should be high. For the enameled wire used for high-frequency and high-voltage motor windings, the paint film loss tangent is required to be small. For enameled wires with a diameter of less than 0.5, the number of pinholes is a very important indicator to evaluate its electrical performance; many motor manufacturers have equipped with paint film continuity testers during the inspection of electromagnetic wires in the factory to check the number of pinholes.

(3) Thermal performance. Including the softening breakdown, thermal aging and thermal shock properties of the paint film. The softening and breakdown performance indicates the ability of the paint film to resist heat deformation under a certain pressure; the thermal aging performance reflects the ability of the paint film to retain a certain degree of elasticity after being subjected to a short period of heat; the thermal shock performance reflects the paint film’s ability to be baked and dipped The ability of the paint film to withstand thermal shocks (rapid cold, hot) without breaking during process or overload operation.

(4) Chemical properties. Indicates the ability of the paint film to withstand the corrosion of chemicals such as acid, alkali, salt spray, organic solvents or refrigerants.

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