Performance Introduction of Xinyu Winding Wire

Summary: Aluminum as the core of winding wires was all the rage in China in the 1960s. All enameled wire fac...
Aluminum as the core of winding wires was all the rage in China in the 1960s. All enameled wire factories across the country produced enameled aluminum wires. However, aluminum conductors have high rates, low tensile strength, and processing difficulties that are difficult to overcome. , Welding difficulties and other defects, coupled with the very small gap between the price of copper and aluminum at that time, therefore, aluminum as a conductor for enameled wire gradually withdrew from the stage of history, almost no domestic production.
In recent years, due to the large increase in copper prices, aluminum wire has the advantages of small proportion, low price, rich resources, and the needs of special occasions, aluminum has risen as a conductor of winding wires. There are already domestic motors and Tongling Jingda and Wuxi Jufeng produce fully enameled aluminum wire, and Tianjin Jingwei electromagnetic wire produces wrapped aluminum wire. The situation is promising. They are mainly used in microwave ovens, reactors, degaussing coils, electroacoustic devices, lighting rectifiers and other occasions.
Aluminum is the ratio of winding wire conductor to copper. The characteristic parameters are listed in Table 23. The tensile strength of copper wire is more than twice that of aluminum wire.
As the conductor of enameled wire, aluminum wire is different from copper wire in processing. It has special difficulties. In the process of drawing, due to its low tensile strength, it is easy to break during the drawing process, and the hardness and wear resistance are not as good as Copper, so the surface is easily scratched, and the surface of the coated enameled wire often has many bright spots, beads, and aluminum dew points. At present, the minimum drawing of aluminum wire used for enameled wire is φ0.15mm. In addition to the poor surface finish in wire drawing, the oil stains and heavy aluminum powder on the surface are another problem. For comprehensive analysis, it is necessary to carry out transformation, analysis, testing and research on the selection of equipment and tooling, the ratio of molds, and the formulation of lubricating fluid. Effectively overcome the shortcomings of frequent wire breakage, surface oil stains and poor finish when other wire drawing lubricants at home and abroad are used. Lubrication should be able to reduce the coefficient of friction between steel and aluminum and aluminum and aluminum, and it has a powerful cleaning function for aluminum powder and oil stains.
Although the above-mentioned measures were taken during the wire drawing process, a relatively clean aluminum wire surface was drawn, but oil stains and aluminum powder remained on the surface, which could not meet the requirements of coating paint. In the coating process, using traditional felt scrubbing, paper scrubbing, and water cleaning can not achieve ideal cleaning results. Therefore, it is necessary to add an efficient cleaning device and a special cleaning fluid before coating the wire to meet the cleaning requirements of the aluminum conductor before painting. In order to solve the long-term troubled aluminum enameled wire due to the oil stain on the surface of the aluminum conductor and the incomplete cleaning of the aluminum powder, the quality problems of the surface of the enameled wire, such as beads, exposed aluminum, and bright spots, can be solved.
In order to improve the high full rate of the enameled process and overcome the characteristics of aluminum being lighter than copper, high linear expansion coefficient, and low tensile strength, the traditional enameled machine is used to produce enameled aluminum wire. The lead tension is extremely difficult to control, which makes the wire easy to stick. , Disconnection, full rate and full rate are extremely low (especially for fine enameled aluminum wire). For this reason, the key parts of the traditional enameled equipment must be modified to greatly reduce the probability of wire sticking and wire breakage.
Because aluminum resources are much richer than copper resources, and the price is low, the application of enameled aluminum wire can greatly reduce the cost of electrical products. In addition, the proportion of aluminum is about 1/3 lighter than copper. Aluminum enameled wire can make electrical products lighter and less expensive. Freight and damage during transportation. For enameled wire production plants, enameled aluminum wire can greatly reduce the occupation of working capital and reduce financial expenditures. The production of enameled aluminum wire has high technical content and high added value of output, which can create better economic benefits.
From the current use of enameled wire, it is limited to microwave ovens, reactors and other short-term use occasions, and less energy consumption is considered. However, because the resistivity of aluminum is higher than that of copper, it is necessary to increase the cross-section and length of the aluminum wire in order to achieve the same yield and efficiency as copper wire in the design of motors and electrical appliances, which will increase the volume of subsequent products. Materials have also increased, and more importantly, electrical resistivity has increased and energy consumption has also increased. Therefore, the use of enameled aluminum wires for long-running motors and electrical appliances has been restricted.
In addition, the rise of aluminum wire is a major factor in the rise of copper prices. However, once the price of copper drops and the price of aluminum rises, it will bring risks to the production of aluminum enameled wires. Therefore, entrepreneurs should consider its pros and cons when investing in enameled aluminum wire. Xinyu winding wire will be your good choice, welcome to visit our site