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Physical Phenomena in Enameled Wire Painting Process


The enameled wire coated with a uniform thickness of th […]

The enameled wire coated with a uniform thickness of the metal conductor is formed on the paint layer. This is related to several physical phenomena of liquids and painting methods.

When the liquid flows, the molecules collide with each other so that one layer of molecules with another layer of molecular motion, due to mutual force and make the latter layer of molecules impede the movement of the previous layer of molecules, thus showing the activity of the stasis Sex, this is called viscosity. Different paint methods, different enameled wire specifications on the paint viscosity requirements. The size of the viscosity is mainly related to the size of the resin molecular weight, the resin molecular weight, the viscosity of the paint, for coating thick lines, because the molecular weight of the paint film obtained better mechanical properties. Small viscosity for coating thin wire, the resin is easy to paint uniform molecular weight, the film is more smooth.

According to the surface tension of the paint liquid surface, the uneven surface has different curvatures everywhere, and the positive pressure at each point is unbalanced. Before entering the enamel furnace, the thick paint liquid flows to the thin place under the action of surface tension Liquid paint in the uniform, this process is called the leveling process, in addition to the uniformity of the film due to the role of the role of flow, but also by the impact of gravity, is the resultant of both force.

With the paint wire out of the felt, there is a round process. Because the wire coated with felt through the felt, the paint was olive-shaped shape, when the paint under the action of surface tension to overcome the viscosity of the paint itself, in a flash into a circle.