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Quality Inspection Management Equipment of Enameled Wire


Bare wire automatic alarm device: the enameling machine […]

Bare wire automatic alarm device: the enameling machine take up (take-up) before the last guide wheel to use non-insulated guide wheel, the relay, ON / OFF switch constitute a short circuit, when the coating (varnish) occurs abnormally naked Copper wire, the copper instant contact with the guide wheel, automatic alarm, due to a paint charter at the same time there will be 20/24/28, each one by one to form a single short circuit, when the alarm, Article times.

Laser automatic feedback controller: laser, feedback controller, monitor - the production specifications, diameter (upper, lower limit), speed, coating back to the number of paint wheel motor speed, set the input feedback controller, Automatically test the laser part of the outer diameter, sent to the monitor display, and the information automatically fed back to the controller, the controller according to the production specifications diameter set value, but also automatically adjust the paint wheel motor speed, control film thickness uniformity.

Dielectric loss meter: The temperature test system measures the loss factor of enameled wire insulation by temperature, and can test all kinds of enameled wire. The curve of the test result is TD-curve, which provides the user with a very precise paint molecular structure, and It is a very reliable method of production control during the heating of the product.

Use of enameled wire Notes on work: Film damage (scratch) Injury: enameled wire surface insulation is a thin film, scratched easily rubbed at high speed winding. Tension: improper tension during winding process will lead to smaller enameled wire conductor diameter, due to the deviation of resistance, the proper tension adjustment must be based on winding type, speed, wire size debugging, in principle, the conductor is not pulled small tension Control range. Winding process Machine start and stop time speed, tension can be properly debugged, can not have the force generated, leading to the first line, the tail of the conductor pull small phenomenon, and in the winding process contact corner parts to maintain a certain degree of smoothness, Generally wear-resistant easy to slip jet magnetic conductor or magnetic eye.