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Reasons Why Choose Enameled Aluminum Wire


Copper conducts electricity better than aluminum, so it […]

Copper conducts electricity better than aluminum, so its heat loss is lower. It is easier to connect to a solid platinum winding than to use an aluminum strand. In turn, aluminum is lighter, and cooper and its heat capacity are about three times as large as copper, which makes aluminum better able to withstand current overload.

Enameled wire is a kind of high quality copper wire insulation material which has breakdown potential, high resistance, micro absorption water, unusual fineness and good mechanical and chemical properties. The following introduces the properties of enameled copper wire in detail.

Enameled Aluminum Wire is easy to be compared to enameled copper wire , due to the surface layer of solid oxide coating, insulation effect, and long life. Because its surface have solid oxide coating insulation, Enameled al wire’s heat-resistant is better than copper wire’s.

The advantage of using Aluminum enameled wire is due to light weight. It’s weight only about 1 / 3 of copper wire’s. And it can greatly reduce the production cost because aluminum is very cheap when compared to copper. It is easily attached to the implant, this can reduce the freight and transport in the course of the operation too. Magnet wire plays a critical role in three areas of energy transformation: electrical to electrical, electrical to mechanical, and mechanical to electrical.

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