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Temperature directly affects the service life of Aluminum Magnet Wire


As an indispensable and important mechanical insulation […]

As an indispensable and important mechanical insulation material in industrial production, the most important thing for the properties of Aluminum Magnet Wire is its stability, which has lost its stability. This small aluminum magnet wire may cause serious damage to the whole mechanical products. What are the factors that will affect its mechanical, physical and chemical properties in the production of aluminum magnet wire? Aluminum magnet wire is a very stable insulating material in our daily use, but under special conditions it is possible to change its properties and reduce its service life.

At a certain temperature, the insulation effect of aluminum magnet wire will drop rapidly until it falls to a certain critical value. In an instant, aluminum magnet wire will be damaged and scrapped. Here we want to explain that the service life of point aluminum magnet wire will be shortened by half every 10 degrees of increase in working conditions. For example, aluminum magnet wire can work for 20,000 hours at 190 degrees, while it can only work for 10,000 hours at 200 degrees.

It can be seen how much influence temperature has on the damage and service life of aluminum magnet wires. In fact, there is no need to worry. This is in terms of high temperature. In fact, under our daily normal temperature conditions, the damage of temperature to aluminum magnet wires is still very small. In terms of the theoretical service life of a large machine such as a motor, this is very small. As long as we use it carefully and normally, there will be no problem.