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The Application Field Of Enameled Wire II


Special enameled wire is a very important direction for […]

Special enameled wire is a very important direction for the development of the industry in the future. In the newly published Catalogue of Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance (2011), although wire and cable manufacturing projects are still restricted products, they are used for new energy sources.

Except for special wires and cables in the fields of information industry, aerospace, rail transit, and marine engineering. Therefore, the development of special wire and cable is still one of the nationally recognized development directions, such as high voltage, ultra high voltage, ultra high voltage transformer enameled wire, etc., including: high voltage anti-corona (preventing high voltage pulse corona breakdown insulation layer), Lubrication and friction resistance (high surface strength of insulation layer, high smoothness, static friction coefficient μ<0.04, prevention of insulation damage, easy winding assembly), high groove full rate (increasing the space utilization of transposed conductors, controlling transformer size and weight) Self-adhesive (the insulating layers can be bonded to each other after heating to fix the coil windings). However, domestic manufacturers are still unable to meet the above market demand.

At present, China's enameled wire production (including enameled wire and wrapped wire, the ratio of 85:l5) is increasing at a rate of 7.6%, becoming the world's largest enameled wire production country, has exceeded 300,000 tons, but the quality of products produced in China is not high. The majority of B-grade polyester lines still account for about 80% of the total, far from the needs of the home appliance industry and other special occasions.

The actual production capacity of special enameled wire accounts for about 10-20%: the development of enameled wire technology is based on different application fields, and the emphasis is different. Under the premise of continuously improving the temperature resistance grade of enameled wire, the enameled wire for household appliances industry will be centered around “environmental protection. The requirements of high efficiency, energy saving and frequency conversion are constantly innovating. The application of F, H and above heat-resistant enameled wires is related to the miniaturization and weight reduction of motor development. The varieties of F, H and above heat-resistant enameled wires are mainly modified polyester, polyesterimide, polyamideimide, aromatic polyimide and related composite enameled wire.