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The Copper Winding Wire Can Ensure The Stability of The Connection


The winding wire used in our machinery is different fro […]

The winding wire used in our machinery is different from the traditional Copper Winding Wire. The copper winding wire is made of high elongation aluminum alloy and is made of pure aluminum by adding iron and other materials.

Generally, the gaps in the copper winding wires are squeezed clean and the cross-sectional area is reduced through a compression twisting process and special annealing treatment, so that the copper winding wires have better flexibility.

At the same time, the safety performance of the copper winding wire is also better than that of the traditional winding wire. When the surface of the copper winding wire is contacted with air, a thin and firm oxide layer can be formed, and various corrosion can be resisted.

Even when overloaded or overheated for a long time, connection stability can be ensured. The direct purchase cost of copper winding wires is 40% lower than that of copper cables, and usually, the construction cost can be saved by more than 20%.

The copper winding wire has been assembled in the factory with high flexibility self-locking armor and sealed PVC outer sheath, and there is no need for the pipeline and its accessories, manual and intensive procedures such as thread pulling and threading.