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The Development of Enameled Wire


In the past few years, the demand for domestic enamelle […]

In the past few years, the demand for domestic enamelled round copper wire has been steadily different. Affected by the rising price of copper and severe fluctuations, the enamelled round aluminum wire has been developed. This article describes the characteristics of aluminum materials and the difference between copper wire and aluminum wire. The description describes in detail the status and application fields of the enamelled round aluminum wire in the Chinese market and the company's timely launch of a series of distinctive products and applications for the development of enamelled round aluminum wire.

The enameled wire industry is a basic material industry supporting electrical appliances, home appliances, and electronic information and communication industries. Its market demand has developed along with the demands of these industrial markets; due to the large proportion of enameled wire products in these industries, special When the price of copper is as high as 78,000 yuan, the cost of enamelled round copper wire accounts for 40-50% of the cost of some motors. Copper prices have remained high for these years. To reduce costs, many companies have begun to use enamelled round aluminum wire instead of enamelled round copper wire as winding material.

Aluminum is not only cheaper than copper, but also as a good conductor, it has superior flexibility than copper, its density is only 1/3 of that of copper, and the same weight of aluminum conducts twice as much electricity as copper; therefore aluminum Lines require larger gauges than copper to conduct the same current.

Another advantage of enamelled round aluminum wire over copper is that the NEMA standard identifies aluminum wire as a higher-grade enameled wire. For example, the copper wire was changed to aluminum wire, using high-temperature polyester, composite polyamide, imide topcoat, thermal grade can be raised from 200 to 220. The reason is that the catalysis of copper ions promotes the aging of the film during the aging test of the enameled copper wire.

The principle of enamelling of aluminum wire is very similar to that of copper wire. The difference is mainly due to the more severe cleaning and lower curing temperature or lower VD value due to the easy oxidation of aluminum rod and lower melting point.

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