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The Difference between Enameled Wire and Paper Wrapping Wire


Enameled Wire and paper cladding are commonly used wind […]

Enameled Wire and paper cladding are commonly used winding wires at present. Although they are used in many occasions, there are still many differences between them. In ordinary times, people often ask about the differences between them. Next, let's explain them in detail.

First of all, the essential difference between the two is that the insulation layer is different. The insulation layer of paper-covered wire is insulation paper, while the insulation layer of enameled wire is insulation paint. We can also see from their names. Because the difference in insulation layer also determines that there will be some differences in their performance.

In terms of service performance, the water resistance and heat resistance of the paper-covered wire are not as good as those of enameled wire due to the use of insulating paper, but the overall price of the paper-covered wire is cheaper and its service life is long, so the comprehensive cost performance is also very good.

In addition, in the application field, they can all be applied to electrical equipment such as transformers, but the application range of enameled wire is relatively wider. It is true that the specific winding group to be used should be selected according to the use environment, so that a matching winding group can be selected, and the cost performance will be higher.