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The Felt Painting Method of Enamelled Wire


Felt paint method is simple in structure and easy to op […]

Felt paint method is simple in structure and easy to operate. Felt blankets are evenly clamped on both sides of the enamelled wire with a felt splint. The utility model uses the characteristics of loose, soft, elastic and multiple pores of the felt to form a die hole and scrape away excess Of the paint, through capillary phenomenon absorption, storage, transportation, make up paint, the wire surface coated with a uniform paint.

Felt coating method is not suitable for solvent evaporation too fast or too viscous enameled wire paint, volatile and viscosity too fast will make the pores of the felt plug quickly lose its good flexibility and capillary siphon ability.

The use of felt coating method must pay attention to the distance between felt fixture and oven inlet. Taking into account the leveling and gravity after painting the resultant force between the two, the line when the drape and paint gravity, the distance between the felt and the paint tank 50-80mm, the distance between the felt and the mouth of 200-250mm .

Felt specifications. Coated coarse specifications require felt wide, thick, soft, flexible, more pores, felt in the paint is easy to form larger die hole, the amount of paint storage, paint fast. Fine lines painted thin, thin, fine, small pores, cotton cloth or sweater can be used to wrap the felt cloth, forming a soft surface, the paint less and uniform. The quality of the felt. Painting requires the use of fine fibers, long, high-quality wool felt. Fat content of less than 0.5%, pH PH = 7, smooth, uniform thickness.

Felt and paint for a good match. In the case of the same paint, paint roller by adjusting the number of revolutions, you can control the amount of paint. Felt and splint and enamelled wire position should be arranged so that the formation of the hole and the enamelled wire level to keep the felt on the enamelled wire around the pressure evenly. Horizontal paint charter guide wheel horizontal position should be lower than the top of the paint roller, paint roller top and felt sandwich center height position must be in the same horizontal line.

In order to ensure the enamel film thickness and finish, should adopt a small cycle for paint, paint liquid drawn into the large paint box, circulating paint drawn into the small paint tank from the large paint box, with the paint consumption, Add a small paint groove, paint the paint tank to maintain a uniform viscosity and solid content.