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The Paint Stripping Method for Enameled Wire I


     To carry out the welding of the lead aluminum enam […]


  To carry out the welding of the lead aluminum enameled wire, it is necessary to remove the paint (there are very few household electric fans that require very low temperatures, and the ballast manufacturers do not take off the paint). There are a lot of paint stripping methods, which are listed below. And explain its pros and cons.

  (1) can be scraped with a blade, (2) can be peeled with a centrifugal knife, (3) can also be rubbed off with a grinding wheel, (4) of course, paint remover can also be used, (5) can also be hot with high temperature tin Paint, (6) Some people use fire to burn (7) You can of course also use paint stripping powder to remove paint. In short, there are many ways to remove paint. Let's talk about the best paint stripping method for you.

  The stripping method of Aluminum Winding Wire is of course the blade scraping paint. The most traditional, there is not much technical content. With special tools, the surface damage of the aluminum wire is relatively small, and there is no high temperature, and no oxide film is formed on the surface of the aluminum surface. The line is not brittle, but the efficiency is too low, and it is only suitable for stripping of large lines. The line with a diameter of 0.5mm or less is not suitable, because the thin line is very easy to be scraped, and it is constantly hit by the scraper, and the toughness is greatly changed. Poor, not suitable for large-scale operation, and after the aluminum enameled wire is scraped, the surface produces burrs, which is not conducive to welding.