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The Pressure Resistance of the Enameled Wire


In foreign countries, in order to better control the cu […]

In foreign countries, in order to better control the curing process of the paint and the quality of the enamelled wire, the Enameled Wire manufacturer often requires the paint manufacturer to provide infrared spectroscopy, gas chromatography and gel chromatography materials for the enameled wire to confirm the enamelled wire paint component. Stability. When quality problems occur in the production of enameled wire, these materials also help the enameled wire manufacturer to analyze the problem, find out the cause of the problem faster, and find a solution to the problem.

At present, China's enameled wire production plants have not generally required the paint factory to provide these materials. We believe that more and more enameled wire production plants will make this request to the paint factory in the future. Pressure resistance of enameled wire. The automotive industry often requires enamelled film to be thin but with high pressure resistance, taking the 0.71 m m Q(ZY/XY)-2/200 enameled wire as an example.

The pressure resistance of the enameled wire has a direct relationship with the film thickness. In general, for every 0.001 m of film thickness reduction, the breakdown voltage drops by 100 to 150 V. Therefore, in the case where the paint film is thin, in order to obtain a paint film having a high breakdown voltage, in addition to a reasonable insulation structure, the paint film itself must have good insulation properties. This means that the enameled wire lacquer must have a suitable molecular weight and a uniform molecular weight distribution in order to make the film uniform and free of defects; the enameled wire must also be finely filtered, free of gels and mechanical impurities, and have a reasonable solvent formulation. The enamelled wire lacquer can be cured smoothly without defects.