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The Processing Technology of Enameled Wire


Enameled wire is the surface of the conductor coated wi […]

Enameled wire is the surface of the conductor coated with one or more insulating coating material, baked, cooled to form a wire with insulation. Enameled wire is a type of magnet wire (winding wire), which is a wire used for electromagnetic induction. In physics, it is pointed out that a magnetic field is generated around a conducting conductor, and a moving conductor generates a current by cutting a magnetic line in a magnetic field. This is an electromagnetic induction phenomenon.

Take-off: Uniform release of copper from the iron shaft to provide raw materials and paint stability, high-speed machines, relying on the United wire drawing machine to pay. Annealing: The bare copper wire to soften, remove the internal stress in the stretching process, the molecular lattice rearrangement, enhanced flexibility and electrical conductivity. Painting: The insulating paint evenly coated bare copper wire, by the mold or felt as a medium. Baking: Baking is the solvent in the paint is evaporated out, let the paint base solidified into a film, the formation of insulation.

After the solvent evaporates, it is catalyzed by the catalyst to be converted into Co2 and H2O, and at the same time, a large amount of heat is released, thereby playing a role of environmental protection and energy saving. After the line is baked out of the oven, the temperature is high and needs to be cooled by the cold air. Cooled enameled wire, after the coiling must be a layer of lubricating fluid, which will help customers to reduce the friction of the line running to facilitate the release line. Recycling: After the completion of the first few steps, the enameled wire has been formed, the volume on the plastic shaft.

Select the use of wire, you must select the motor temperature index to determine the enameled wire, and enameled wire temperature index from the heat life to seek. Thermal shock resistance is stretched and bent in the film state, heating and then instant cooling, to see whether due to thermal expansion and contraction of the rupture occurred. Softening is to test the enameled wire in the heat, power and electricity in three aspects of the role, the degree of resistance of the paint film, the general is to fix its power and electricity in two aspects, the measurement of temperature as an indicator, a heating method and the constant temperature method Two kinds.