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With the repaid development of the whole society, the m […]

With the repaid development of the whole society, the market can provide various products for people’s different needs, and there is no exception for the enameled wire market. However, when facing the huge market, most of people don’t know how to choose reliable and quality enameled wire. At the moment, Xinyu-enameledwire will goes with you and provide you quality products as an reliable Eanemeld Wire manufacturer.

No matter what products you do, quality is the most and urgent thing to be considered when facing the whole market. Xinyu, an reliable enameled wire manufacturer carefully keep the basic principle that quality is the foundation of the company.

In the normal operation of the enamel wire machine, the operator's energy and physical strength are mainly consumed in the decoupling portion, and the operator has to pay a large amount of labor in the replacement process of the reel-out spool, and it is easy to produce quality and operational problems during the process. The effective method is large-capacity solution set.

The key to depolymerization is the control of tension, which is not only the increase in tension, the loss of thinner and light on the surface of the wire, but also the performance of the enameled wire. When we look at its appearance, it's not so shiny when it's drawing thin lines. From a performance point of view, its elongation, elasticity, elasticity, and thermal shock are all affected. However, if the tension is too small, the wire can easily move and even touch the burner. Tension should be uniform and appropriate.

The era gives Xinyu-enameledwire new mission, in face with increasingly intense competition, Xinyu constantly innovate technology, optimize the industrial structure, enhance core competency. Choose Xinyu; choose the reliable enameled wire manufacturer.