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Transformer Copper Foil (from Enameled Copper Wire Supplier)


As the one of the leading Enameled Copper Wire manufact […]

As the one of the leading Enameled Copper Wire manufacturer, Xinyu-enameledwire has developed a full range of enameled copper wire to meet its customer’s requirements and applications. Products are manufactured as per the specific needs of our customers.

In this article, you will see more information about transformer copper foil:

Xinyu Transformer Copper Foil has excellent tensile strength, elongation, conductivity and hardness. It is mainly used in oil-immersed and dry-type transformers winding.

THICKNESS: 0.08~1.20mm

WIDTH: 405mm(Max.)

Features Of Xinyu Copper Foil For Transformers:

A) Good viscosity & cold resistance.
B) Excellent tensile strength.
C) Superior flexibility.
D) Ageing-resistant, , oil & acid resistant.
E) Flame retardant, easy to tear apart.
F) Higher conductivity comparing with aluminum foil.

Advantages Of Our Copper Foil For Transformers:

A) No Burrs
B) Round Edge
C) High Conductivity
D) High Purity
E) Totally Annealed
F) Good Reputation

We were amongst the first Winding Wire manufacturers to produce Self-Solderable Enamelled Copper wire, of superior quality which continues to be our main focus, till date.