Transportation and Storage of Enameled Wire

Summary:When it comes to Enameled Wire, many people know it. Today, I will introduce to you one type of enam...

When it comes to Enameled Wire, many people know it. Today, I will introduce to you one type of enameled wire, that is, copper-clad aluminum wire. Let us briefly look at the transportation and storage of copper-clad aluminum wires. Since it is assumed that many wires are not transported correctly, it is very likely that they will not be used.

1. During transportation and loading and unloading, the copper-clad aluminum wire and wire reel should not be damaged. It is forbidden to push the copper-clad aluminum wire tray directly from the car. The spool should not be transported and stored flat.

2. Before shipping or rolling the coil, it is necessary to ensure that the copper-clad aluminum coil is stable and tightly wound. When rolling, you need to follow the direction of the arrow on the reel or the direction of the line.

3. After the copper-clad aluminum wire and its accessories arrive at the site, they should be inspected in time according to the following requirements: (1) The product technical documents are complete. (2) The type, standard and length of the production line should meet the requirements of the order, and the accessories should be intact; the appearance of the line should not be damaged. (3) Pay attention to the sealed end of the pipeline. When there is any doubt about the appearance, it should be judged or tested for moisture.

4. Assuming that the copper-clad aluminum wire and its related materials are not immediately installed, they should be deposited in a centralized and classified manner, and the type, voltage, standard and length should be indicated.

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