Types and Application of Xinyu Enameled Wire II

Summary: In the previous article, we briefly introduced the types and uses of enameled wire, now let us cont...
In the previous article, we briefly introduced the types and uses of enameled wire, now let us continue this topic.
4) Polyesterimide enameled wire
Due to the improvement of heat resistance by modifying polyester with imine, the amount of polyester imine enameled wire in the world has risen sharply since the 1970s. In Europe and America, the enameled wire has completely replaced single-coated polyester enameled wire. The representative ones in the world are Terebe FH series products from Germany and Isomid series products from the United States. At the same time, direct-weldable polyester imide enameled wire has been developed successively, which has been widely used as the winding of small motors, which simplifies the welding process and reduces the manufacturing cost of the motor. Some Japanese also use direct-weldable polyester imine paint as the primer of self-adhesive enameled wire for color TV deflection coils, which simplifies the process. Domestic polyester imine paint has successively introduced manufacturing technology from Germany and Italy, and has also successfully developed it by itself. However, due to the instability of raw materials and other reasons, at present, a large number of polyester imine paints that are used as refrigerant-resistant composite enameled wire primers in the country are still dependent on着imports. Only a small amount of single-coated polyester imine enameled wire is applied with domestic paint, but the voltage instability is still a concern of the manufacturer. The direct solderable polyester imine paint has been successfully developed by the Cable Research Institute.
5) Polyimide enameled wire
Polyimide is currently the highest heat-resistant enameled wire paint among organic enameled wires, and its long-term use temperature can reach 220°C or more. The paint was successfully developed by the United States in 1958. Polyimide enameled wire has high heat resistance, good solvent and refrigerant resistance. However, due to its high cost, poor storage stability and toxicity, it has affected its widespread use. At present, the enameled wire is used in some special occasions, such as wires used in coal mine motors, space instruments and meters.
6) Polyamide-imide paint
Polyamide-imide paint is the most comprehensive in the current enameled wire paint, with high heat resistance, mechanical properties, refrigerant resistance and chemical resistance, so it is known as the king of enameled wire paint. The paint is currently mainly used for its unique properties, and is widely used as the top coat of composite coated enameled wires to improve the heat resistance of composite wires and reduce costs. At present, it is mainly used to coat refrigerant-resistant enameled wire in China. This paint is produced in a small amount in China, mainly imported from the United States, Italy and Germany.
7) Composite coating enameled wire
To improve the temperature resistance level and develop special-purpose enameled wires, composite insulation layers are generally used. Compared with single-coated enameled wire, composite coating enameled wire has the following advantages: (1) It meets special requirements, such as self-adhesive enameled wire for complex frameless forming, refrigerant-resistant enameled wire for refrigerators and air-conditioning compressors, etc., can pass composite coating Structure to meet; (2) through the composite of various insulating layers to make their characteristics complement each other, improve and improve the performance to meet the requirements of use, such as polyester/nylon composite coating enameled wire to improve thermal shock performance and winding performance, suitable The hot dipping process can be used for motor windings with instantaneous overheating due to overload; (3) It can reduce the cost of some enameled wires, such as polyester imide and polyamide-imide composite coated enameled wires instead of single-coated enameled wires. Polyamide-imide enameled wire can greatly reduce costs.
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