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Types of Enameled Copper Wire II


As a enameled wire manufacturer - […]

As a enameled wire manufacturer -, we offer Enameled Copper Wire with different types:

Polyurethane enameled copper wire

Temperature rating: 130/155 degrees

Insulation Description: Polyurethane enameled copper wire has a good direct solderability at 360~400 degrees, and is widely used in coils and motor windings.


(a) It has good solderability, and it can avoid the action of peeling off the film during the winding process, effectively improving work efficiency.

(b) Has a good 'Q' value (quality factor) characteristic at high frequencies.

(c) has good adhesion and winding properties.

(d) Enameled Wire has good solvent resistance to solvents and hardeners used in general impregnation of varnish.

Applications: High frequency coils and transformers, relays, magnetized coils

Nylon outer urethane enameled copper wire

Temperature rating:130~155 degrees

Insulation Description: Nylon outer urethane enameled copper wire is double-layer solderable insulation. The most important function of nylon outer layer is to produce high density lines, which can reduce winding friction, reduce floor area ratio and help fast winding.


(a) Excellent winding linearity for high speed winding or automatic winding.

(b) It can provide coils and windings with high production density.

(c) Has a good 'Q' value characteristic at high frequencies.

(d) It has good solvent resistance and good resistance to solvents and hardeners which are generally used for impregnating varnish.

Applications: Relays, ignition coils, miniature transformers

The production process of enamelled copper wire: paying line → annealing → painting → baking → cooling → take-up. In next articl, we will continue the topic: types of enameled copper wire.