Use A Simple Way To Check Whether Enameled Wire Meets The Standard

Summary:   After the product is manufactured, in order to better reduce the cause of failure, I think it is ...

  After the product is manufactured, in order to better reduce the cause of failure, I think it is necessary to carry out independent inspections within the enterprise. In order to better improve the quality of crystal production, prevent and reduce the failure of the product, the factors of failure are handled in processing. In the process.

  Then everyone must ensure three points: 1. Diligent watching, 2. Diligent testing, and 3. Diligent inspection.

  Carry out inspections on three commodities that have been developed to different levels, 1. finished products, 2. semi-finished products processing, and 3. products.

  1. Check whether the specifications meet the requirements and whether the surface is smooth or not on the specifications of the product, its surface and line arrangement. Moreover, when the enameled wire operator connects the head, he should first carry out accurate measurement of the specifications of the bare wire for any shortcomings, and check whether the wire row is intact.

  2. It is necessary to strictly abide by the processing technology and the safe operation rules of machinery and equipment. During the production of goods, the leading cadres can carry out sampling inspections to see if there are any inconsistencies with the basic actual operations.

  3. A deeper level of discrimination is to use a small-size model to firmly grasp a thread, pull it off hard, and touch each thread with your hand. Whether the surface is hairy or not, the hair indicates the extension of the paint film of each thread. The performance is not very good, the large-size model line is folded, whether the bend is cracked, etc.

  4. After the goods are manufactured, employees can independently inspect them.