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What Are The Advantages of ECCA Manufacturer


ECCA wire is a widely used enameled wire type at presen […]

ECCA wire is a widely used enameled wire type at present. Compared with pure copper enameled wire, it has two obvious characteristics: one is lighter in weight, and the other is lower in price and cost. It is precisely because of these two outstanding characteristics that ECCA wire has become a more popular enameled wire and ECCA Manufacturer have become more popular manufacturers.

First of all, the weight of ECCA wire is lighter. The density of ECCA wire is one third of that of pure copper wire with the same wire diameter, which is very effective to reduce the weight of coils and cables. It is used to make windings with light weight, good heat dissipation and high relative conductivity, especially high-frequency transformers, inductive coils, motors, household motors, common transformers, electromagnetic wires for micro motors, etc. that transmit high-frequency signals.

Secondly, the price is low. The manufacturing cost of ECCA wire is much lower than that of pure copper enameled wire. However, in many applications, the performance does not change and it can achieve better use effect. Therefore, it has strong product substitution and can replace other enameled wires for application.

In general, ECCA wire is lighter in weight and better in price, and has also won more recognition.