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What are the Advantages of Enameled Aluminum Wire


Enameled aluminum wire is a new type of enameled wire w […]

Enameled aluminum wire is a new type of enameled wire with copper clad aluminum material as inner conductor. Its characteristics are between copper and aluminum. It combines the advantages of light weight of aluminum and excellent electrical conductivity of copper. Therefore, the current application is expanding continuously. Specifically, the aluminum enameled wire has obvious advantages compared with the pure copper enameled wire:

1) The better DC resistivity, the DC resistivity of the aluminum enameled wire is about 1.5 times that of the pure copper wire; when the resistance is the same, the wire diameter is about 1.2 times that of pure copper, and the weight of the aluminum enameled wire is only pure copper wire. 1/2.

2)the weight is lighter, the aluminum enameled wire density is one-third of the pure copper wire of the same wire diameter, which is very effective for reducing the weight of the cable and the coil, and greatly improves the performance of the product in the field of the audio coil.

3) the cost is lower, aluminum enameled wire and pure copper enameled wire, in some areas of use can reduce production costs by 30% -50%.

4)The brazing property is better. Because the surface of the aluminum enameled wire is covered with a layer of pure copper concentrically, it has the same brazability as the pure copper wire, and does not need to be specially treated like the aluminum wire.

The above are some of the advantages of aluminum enameled wire. But, xinyu enameled aluminum wire has more advantages:

1) Xinyu enameled aluminum wire with stable quality, raw material will be strictly inspected before production.

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6) Diameter range from 0.18mm to 6.50mm, thermal class from 130 to 220.