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What is Enameled Copper Wire


If you want to make a coil to make a motor, If you know […]

If you want to make a coil to make a motor, If you know nothing about this, xinyu could give the answer for you.

Copper wire with a coating of enamel to insulate it. It's intended to be used in coils and transformers where the wire is wound with the turns in physical contact with each other. the enamel prevents the turns from shorting to each other.

Some enamels cure very quickly under ultraviolet light.After copper wire is pulled through the wire die (for proper shape and sizing), it is dipped in the liquid enamel, then run through an oven where UV lights are shined on it from all angles. This cures the enamel within seconds.Other processes use high heat. As the freshly enamelled wire passes through the hot oven it cures quickly.

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